Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ready, set... CHESS!

Welcome Parents and chess club members! This blog is a resource for all members of the Cherokee Chargers Chess Community and will help those youngsters looking for more chess to find even more interesting chess puzzles, games and lessons. This site will also keep everyone to keep up on what is happening with local Scholastic chess scene as well - so stay tuned for tournament reports!

For those of you who are returning members of the Cherokee Chess Community - Welcome back! To those of you who are joining us for the very first time Thank you for joining the Cherokee Chargers Chess Club and chess community! My promise to all of you is that no matter how much time we have for chess that our players will always have fun while learning even more about chess. But just a quick FYI - our newest members will need a chess set in the home upon which to practice. Playing chess is a lot like playing a musical instrument - if they do not practice regularly then they will not be able to perform. I do not want any of my students to fall behind so if you need help finding an inexpensive chess set please feel free to ask me for assistance and I will be more than glad to help you find the perfect chess set.

I set this Blog up so that I could keep the chess content separate from the updates that I send to parents. Not everyone has all the time in the world for a super long email - I certainly do not have a lot of time with which to type them up! So this was my easy solution for this Semester - a website where all of our players and Parents can come for more chess. I will update this blog at least once a week so if you check in from time to time you Parents will learn even more about chess along with your youngsters making their chess experience even more enjoyable and rewarding - all while the whole family has fun playing chess together.

Thanks for "checking" out the New Blog! I have posted some additional information for everyone down below. Our players may find the Puzzle given down at the very bottom to be very interesting - so enjoy!

Your Cherokee Chargers Chess Coach
- Coach Sean Tobin.

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