Thursday, September 30, 2010

"B" - Double dose of shared first place!

The "B" - our K-6 CHAMP super hero - shared first place in two completely different types of tournaments this month. A very proud and duly impressed Coach Sean has taken note - and so should you!

At this past Saturday's "THE FALL CLASSIC" the "B" shared 1st place in the K-6 CHAMP section with his score of 3.5 from 4. He took second place on tie breaks but all three players tying weighed in at 3.5 points by tournaments end.

Then the "B" put in a consistent and constant effort at the Chess Emporium's Month long TUESDAY NIGHT STANDARD OPEN sharing first place in an adult tournament with 3 from 4 points! On his route to victory he even beat a fellow ASCF chess coach of mine! His only loss came at the hands of veteran player and ASCF chess coach Denny - rated 2000 USCF ELO! The "B" secured his share of first place this past Tuesday with a last round win against Tuesday night regular Berry Becker.

Congratulations - it has been quite a month for certain Cherokee Chargers at the local chess tournaments! I am impressed and I look forward to their future games!

- Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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