Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FIGHTING SPIRIT PUZZLE - - > Play your game out - No matter what!

Coach Sean's great escape...


White (Joel) has just blundered away a totally won game... can you find the move that saves half a point? During the game I did... now it is your turn!

Now quite obviously I am totally lost, or rather I was totally lost during this game and against a player of Joel F. Johnson's caliber I should resign - but I did not resign and it is a good thing too! Why hadn't I called it the day before reaching this critical position? Because this was a Game in three minutes blitz game and anything can happen in such a short time control and it often does. I also didn't resign because of the "fighting spirit" principle - I play on and by doing so I say to my opponents "Show me your technique - and if you fail to do so then I will try to pull out a draw, or even a win or maybe a stalemate. But show me that you have good technique first!". This is why I tell all of my players never give up a game and play it out no matter what.

The Solution will be posted on Sunday the 24th of January in the "COMMENTS" section to this post. I hope our players enjoy this chess puzzle - taken from one of my more recent games. This game was played on Sunday the 17th - so it is very fresh! : P

-Coach Sean Tobin.

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