Thursday, October 28, 2010

One part CHESS LESSON, One part campy, One part first time video done by Chess Coach Techie novice Coach Sean! Enjoy : ) !

Ok... here it is. I took a middlegame position from one of my games used to illustrate a few points about the Opening and the Middlegame. The emphasis for this lesson though is on the tactics that result. Here are three key points:

1.When not playing by "wrote" if you know your Opening's strategy it will see you through. You don't need to know opening theory out to move 30 if you understand the openings that you play and the types of middlegame positions that result from your openings.

2.Even in a QUEEN LESS MIDDLEGAME there are still plenty of attacking chances to be had. Tactics happen for a reason. And that reason is strategical - 99% of the time!

3.Piece cohesion. You need harmony in your camp if your army is to be working as effectively as a team can. Get the players off of the bench, but get them to the right squares too!

Okay - be a little bit forgiving about this lesson! This was one of the first of my short lived "online" video lessons that I did years ago using a digital camera. I hadn't slept enough so while doing this lesson I was a bit wiped out - which you may pick up on! When I watch it now I smile to myself - one part proud and one part embarrassed! It's a good lesson anyways - just try not to laugh out loud, okay!

Enjoy this advanced lesson Parents and please share it with our Scholastic players. I think Bennett, Peter, Serena will get a lot out of it and the entire Chargers chess gang just might enjoy it as well!

Part i

Part ii


Feel free to send suggestions for future lessons to me! Time to start doing more vids for our players! - Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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