Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 in 1 Endgame Chess Lesson!



No laughing! : )


Ok, a quick word... the third problem is white to play and win. You will know that when you watch the video but with my trying to fit all three problems within the confines of three minutes I did not really have enough time to do the third problem justice. I was shown that one by Michael Rudenko a couple of years ago when I had gone back to Western Massachusetts to visit my friends at the PIONEER VALLEY CHESS CLUB. So thanks for having shown me that chess problem Michael!

The best way to get a sense for these problems is to set them up, hit the pause button and try to solve them on your own. Then hit play and the explanation will make sense then - if you had trouble solving the puzzles the answers will make sense when you play them through on the chess board.

Enjoy! Yours in chess CHESS COACH SEAN!

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