Sunday, March 28, 2010


Rick Vogel, Alex Vogel, BENNETT KATZ, Coach Sean and PETER SCHILLINGER!

Our two player team of Peter and Bennett took first place TEAM in the K-3 CHAMP section of the SCOTTSDALE CLASSIC! held on Saturday the March 27th, 2010. Way to go Peter and Bennett - they brought a first place team trophy to CHEROKEE! And if you wondering what this trophy looks like then just take a look at the next picture...


I look forward to their next event together - they are both getting better all of the time! When they both play and practice... well then, watch out chess world!

Today Peter had Alexander Vogel beaten not once but at two different times during their ASCF rated Super Group game... it was a fantastic struggle. In the end a draw was achieved - but Peter had the upper hand in the final position and BOTH players were below ten seconds time remaining on their clocks! Wow - talk about excitement! Peter and Bennett will do even better at their next event together as a team! But only if Bennett gets in the three hours of practice this week!

See you Thursday with Bennett and Peter's team trophy - way to represent guys!
Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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