Thursday, September 23, 2010

A game from Coach Sean - Enjoy!

While a recent theme for some Cherokee Chargers has been Scholastic stars defeating adult players - I would like to think at least a little chess wisdom counted for something in my particular case. Though when that day finally comes that I lose a competitive chess game against a former or current student I will be able to tip my King over gracefully as I will be comforted by the knowledge that I helped one of my students become quite good at chess - among the many things they are interested in and quite accomplished at.

This was a recent game of mine where I defeated a local Scholastic star during an important tournament game. This event would be the one that put just up and over the 2000 barrier!
It was played in the Southern California Open on the 6th of September. A fine game showing how to exchange down into a won King and pawn endgame. - Chess Coach Sean.

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