Saturday, May 15, 2010



I will be holding a five day chess camp from June 21st till June 25th at the Chess Emporium. While this camp is ongoing I will also be running a concurrent camp that will be merged into the five day schedule - a one day on the 21st and then a three day that runs from the 22nd until the 24th of June.

I will also be running a chess camp on tactics from the view point of a specific opening - a thematic chess camp on the Sicilian Defense. I will cover anti-Sicilians and the Dragon variation during this camp - the first of which will be held on June 26th - a Saturday. Tactical play will be our main emphasis during this camp. All camps will feature a Swiss with a trophy for first place.

I will update the listing of my chess camps in a future posting. No matter what you do or how your family spends it's family vacation this Summer make sure you bring a chess set along with you. Let us keep our players playing so they can have fun and make even more progress as players. Practice at home is extremely important.

- Your Cherokee Chargers Chess Coach
Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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