Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PINS & SKEWERS - Watch out for them!

Two handy tactics to know are "PINS" and "SKEWERS" as these are both tactics that can and do happen quite frequently in our chess games. PINS are more likely to happen in the opening and the Middle game while SKEWERS are more likely to happen in the endgame. As a general rule that is - of course there are exceptions to this rule!

THE SKEWER - A classic Endgame example.

The PIN IS A WONDERFUL TACTIC - a real tool we should all keep handy in our bag of chess tricks. Here is a game where one player makes the mistake of putting their Queen on the wrong square - and soon lost points because of the power of the PIN! If the second player, that is the player of the Black pieces, had noticed what color the c6 square was and what the color of the square was upon which his/her King stood they may not have made this mistake. Some of your opponents will allow you to win points - so stay on the look out for such opportunities during your games!

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